Welcome to our dear, amiable and road map to success School.

Our School is a Universal, outstanding School that tends to get across the globe. It is a school designed to meet every child’s educational, moral, spiritual and mental needs.

It is our joy and delight to inform you that you are at a place where we point children and students to the top. You are at the right place where every child’s destiny is developed.

Our School is a unique and well organized school with a structural system that works. this system leads to the peak of all round success.

We congratulate our wards for having such a profound opportunity and privilege to be formed in our school.


We have the passion to raise young leaders through our unbeatable structural system of Education that enhances proper child-mental development. We are to discover, mentor and develop every gift deposited by the Maker of the Universe (GOD). The spread of this service and training to every child in the globe is our major goal, and that is why we have put up a very formidable system that delivers.


At our School, we purpose to

• Develop every child’s potential
• Nurture a life-long love for learning
• Create an exciting environment
• Encourage independent thinking
• Provide opportunities that challenge
• Prepare every child to make a difference
• Ensure self esteem and confidence
• Share hopes and encourage optimism and self-belief
• Provide opportunities to reflect on life and learning
• Ensure that everyone has a voice and opportunity to be heard
• Encourage good health and well-being for all
We Value
• Tolerance, equity of opportunity and empathy
• Individuality
• Respect for others and their values
• A partnership with parents and carers
• An understanding of rights and responsibilities within the school, community and beyond
• The opportunity to learn from others, whatever their creed, colour or culture.